From our beaches, to our lakes, to the many local parks and trails, our natural assets provide us with healthy living, clean water, and numerous tourist attractions.  They are invaluable and important to both our well-being and our economy, and yet they are vulnerable. I will work with local and state lawmakers to ensure that we develop initiatives to protect and preserve these treasures.

I support the current efforts underway by the Massachusetts State House to implement the Roadmap 2050 Environmental Plan. However, there is more that can be done — we can pass a Green New Deal for Massachusetts that guarantees thousands of clean energy jobs, addresses racial justice issues in communities deeply affected by pollution, and ensures that we have a planet to give to future generations of Cape Codders.

I will demand the EPA unseal its study on Otis Air Force Base and the impact it has had on our environment, particularly our water-table.  Warnings of the damage done have already been raised. We cannot let our drinking water be further compromised. And we must ensure those responsible fix the problems they created.

Our beaches are eroding with an average of 6 inches each year.  Necessary steps must be taken to slow this down. I will to put a 3-5 year moratorium on shoreline development.  I will create a green-zone a quarter mile in from the high-tide mark. These will curtail wanton construction, reduce damage from run-off, and give nature time to heal.

I will also steer us away from building sea walls, which do not stop erosion but rather deflect its damage to other, unprotected areas.  Technologies like the bio-friendly Floating Wave Attenuator, a system that dampens waves as they approach, need to be used instead. I will expand installation of “Living Shorelines” across the Cape thereby maximizing the ability for the environment to fix itself.  The successful implementation of porous pavement in Provincetown to curtail the erosion damage caused by rainwater run-off has to be something done across the Cape.

I support investments in community solar projects and research into large-scale energy storage, so that we can transition public utilities towards 100% clean energy.

The end-goal is to create a comprehensive, eco-friendly, long-term program to protect the Cape and its natural resources.