Proper housing opportunities for our working-class residents need to be addressed in a serious and effective manner.  Over 40% of Cape houses are owned by non-residents which they use as Summer homes. Many are rented to tourists. At the same time, it is getting more and more difficult for hard-working Cape Codders to find a residence they can afford.  This is in no small part due to the inflated costs created by second-home non-resident owners.

We need to find creative, practical, and efficient policies to solve this problem. We need to work together across town-lines and with our local delegations. We must repeal a 1994 decision to ban rent controlled zoning.  We must look at rolling back some historic preservation rules to inspire socially-responsible construction. We must stabilize the market for our residents.

But we have to go further and push harder.

A majority of our wealthiest homeowners are not full-time or even part-time residents.  Their houses sit vacant most of the year while the need for year-round housing continues to grow.  The single most powerful legislation we can pass to help is implementation of an added-tax to non-resident second-home owners.  This small tax bump will provide a revenue stream which will be reinvested into housing priorities for our year-round working residents.  After all, there is no reason non-residents with properties on the Cape shouldn’t be active contributors to the betterment of our communities.

Anyone can live here part-time but everyone should participate full-time.