Josh Mason Announces His Candidacy for the Massachusetts House of Representatives

Dennis local and Democratic Town Committee Chairman Josh Mason is announcing his candidacy for the Massachusetts House of Representatives to represent the First District of Barnstable in the November 2020 elections. 

Originally hailing from Houston, Texas, Mason grew up on Cape Cod and has a deep love for his hometown. He graduated from Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School in 2000 and came back home for good in 2014. As a local, Mason is aware of the critical position Cape Cod is currently in. Having experienced firsthand the major changes in our economy and society in the past few decades, he is concerned about our future. “I’ve noticed a lot of changes that have taken place, and not all of them positive. I am troubled that the next generations will not have the same opportunities that I had as a child on Cape Cod. We need big and bold ideas to both preserve and progress here on Cape.”

As a Millennial living and working on Cape Cod, he understands the crucial position so many locals are in when it comes to making ends meet year-round. Taking a community-centered approach to politics, Mason is determined to bring the Cape into the 21st century and ensure a sustainable future for every Cape Codder. For him, this begins with making sure our infrastructure — from education to healthcare to the environment to housing — can support our year-round community. “We have over 250,000 full-time residents that depend on local businesses and services 12 months out of the year, not just 3.”

“At the end of the day,” says Mason, “if Beacon Hill won’t give back what we’re owed, then we’ll take care of our own. It’s time for something profoundly new, both for myself and for Cape Cod.”